The company “Perfocom” is glad to welcome you in the world of perforated metal sheet!

Company “Perfocom” works in the market of perforated metal since 1998. Perfocom is the largest manufacturer of perforated metal sheet in Russia and CIS countries.

Perforated metal sheet — a unique modern material, which is used in all branches of modern industry. Perforated sheet combines strength, fantastic visual effects and functionality.

Perforated metal sheet can be used in:

Our company is the largest manufacturer of perforated metal sheet in the CIS countries.

We produce:

Standard size of perforated sheet 1000×2000, 1250×2500 and 1500×3000 mm with more than 100 types of perforations (round, square, slit-like openings and curly types).

Flat perforated sheet designed by the customer.

Components — sheets and sheet parts of complex configurations with different types of perforation.

Finished products made of perforated metal:

Small architectural forms (garbage-cans, benches, decorative fences for flower beds)

Trade and exhibition equipment (perforated brochure holder, information and promotional stands, racks)

Perforated sieves

Baking trays, baking and confectionery sheets

Applied modern equipment allows us to perforate not only traditional materials such as cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and copper, brass, and some titanium alloys, plastics and composite materials.

Additional services:

produce cutting, bending, rolling, arc and contact welding, coloring under catalog RAL;

make holes and slots of various shapes;

specify a field of perforation of arbitrary shape; cut sheet details of any configuration;