Company history and mission

Its activity started in 1998 with the realization of a perforated metal sheet made ​​in Europe.

In 1999 was founded joint German-Russian production company for the production of perforated metal sheet. The Russian co-founder has been provided production, storage, office space, communications and infrastructure. The German side has been provided the equipment, technologies and methods of business processes. The joint venture engaged in production and sale of perforated metal sheets, as well as imports of perforated sheets from Europe. The Equipment consisted of second-hand broadband and flat presses, guillotines and melting machine.

In 2004, the Russian co-founder was bought stake in company. At the same time was a registered Limited Liability Company “Perfocom” with one hundred percent Russian capital, and registered trademark “Perfocom”.

Since then, began active development of the company, increase production capacity and expanding the product range. Sales volume has tripled, had purchased two product lines based on broadband punch presses, four coordinate-punching press, and high-precision melting machine. In 2007 began to work shop of finished products in which there is an additional sheet metal processing and assembly of finished products.

Nowadays company “Perfocom” — a production plant, equipped with modern high-performance and high-precision equipment. The production cycle of our company includes the production of perforated sheets, their subsequent machining and production of finished products.

The company was created through the cooperation of Russian and German companies, and managed to take and preserve the best traditions of both. We have kept the principles of organization and corporate culture, which had been referred to us by German colleagues. A qualified Russian personnel allowed to fully realize the potential of modern and efficient equipment to best meet customer requirements. We have acquired the experience and tradition, have found our place in the market and confidence in the future.

During the work company “Perfocom” has proved its ability to meet the changing and growing demands of the market..

In the production of perforating the name “Perfocom” has become synonymous with reliability and quality that allows us to keep the leading position in the market.

The company continues to grow. Implemented the production of new types of perforations, and new products, increase the volume of production and expands its product range. Constantly moving into new market segments.