Laset cutting of metal

Laset cutting of metal

The company “PERFOСOM” is pleased to offer services in laser cutting of metal.

Laser cutting — is different from other types of cutting: processing speed, perfect quality of cut, and reasonable price products.

Laser cutting — this is one of the best ways of processing sheet materials based on the impact of the focused laser beam. By adjusting the laser power can cut sheet metal such as stainless and black steel and aluminium. The thickness of the material can reach up to 20mm. As a result, laser cutting, as a kind of processing metal is the most widely used in modern manufacturing.

We make laser cutting of metal by using Trumpf TruLaser 3030.

Technological capabilities of laser cutting are limited by thickness:

Laser cutting hot-cold steel — up to 20mm

Laser cutting stainless steel — up to 15mm

Laser cutting of aluminium — up to 10mm

Maximum speed — 85m/min

Maximum sheet size: 3000X1500mm

Prices for laser cutting of metal TruLaser 3030 4kw.

With the help of laser cutting is possible to obtain details and cut arbitrary shapes with accuracy 0.05-0.10 mm from sheet metal of maximum size 1500 * 3000mm and thickness up to 20mm.

Prices are per linear meter of cut in rubles with VAT


* Price valid when ordering at the metal cutting laser for more than 30 thousand rubles.

** Drawings are accepted in the following formats: dxf (AutoCAD), dwg (AutoCAD).

The drawings send in other formats will be accepted to work with additional cost 350 rubles for drawing.

*** In the table shows the base price for 1 meter of direct cutting, without considering difficult contour of the product. The exact calculation of the cost of work is granted after consideration of the drawings.

Повыщающий коэффицент
сумма(тыс. руб) коэфф.
5000-10000 2
10000-20000 1,5
20000-30000 1,25
свыше 30000 1


The minimum order value for laser cutting of metal from 5000 rubles excluding the cost of the metal.